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Learn how to cook prawns easily for your Guest

When it comes to special occasions and also very marked as the Christmas no doubt the seafood They are one of the great protagonists. The main advantage is that they can be cooked very simply and quickly, both on the grill and in the oven, and of course cooked, and they turn out great anyway. perfect to succeed at the table.

Learn how to cook prawns just right, fresh or frozen, and thus enjoy them with their most authentic flavor and with a delicious and juicy texture. In addition, if we cook the prawns well, we will ensure that the meat does not stick to the shell and is very easy to peelsomething important when it comes to designated days.

You will see how fast cooking is and you will know tricks to cut it with ice so that they arrive perfectly at the table. Also below in the Tips section you will find some guidelines for cook any size shrimp.

If you like prawns, be sure to prepare these delicious ones juicy baked prawns with mashed garlic and parsley or the famous Shrimp Scampi. These are also very good Grilled prawns or king prawns with lemon and salt.

Once the prawns are cooked you can use them in dishes like this seafood salad with prawns and light mayonnaisein the seafood salad with octopus, prawns and mussels or in this grilled prawn cocktail with spicy sauce and mangoOnly instead of grilled you use cooked prawns.

Ingredients to cook prawns just right, fresh or frozen:

  • Fresh or frozen prawns, and if they are frozen, make sure they are of the best quality. This time I have cooked 12 frozen white prawns.
  • Water. I usually use 1.5 liters to cook them in several batches.
  • 50 gr of coarse salt for each liter of water. For 1.5 liters it would be 75 grams of salt.
  • To cool the prawns:
    • 1.5 liters of water.
    • 50 gr of coarse salt.
    • Ice cubes.

Preparation, how to make the recipe for how to cook prawns just right, fresh or frozen:

  1. If the prawns that you are going to use are frozen, you have to defrost them. For this, the ideal is to put them in a container in the fridge the day before you are going to cook them. In any case, and in case you have forgotten, a quick option is to leave them in a bowl submerged in cold water and change it every 15 minutes, in this way they will be defrosted in an hour or even less. To find out if they are thawed you can squeeze the body of one with your fingers, if it is no longer hard it is that they are at room temperature.
  2. With the prawns already thawed or if they were fresh we can start the cooking process.
  3. Prepare a pot with 1.5 liters of Water and put it on high heat.
  4. When it is boiling add 75 gr of coarse salt.
  5. Separately prepare a bowl with 1.5 liters of Waterthe 50 gr of coarse salt and a few cubes of ice (2 or 3 industrialists or more if they are smaller).
  6. throw the prawns to boiling water. Remember to cook them in batches, this is important so that the water does not drop in temperature suddenly, so I recommend cooking a dozen at a time. Wait 1 minute, which is how long it usually takes for the water to boil again and when that minute has passed, remove them with a slotted spoon, drain them a little and put them in the bowl with cold water.
  7. Leave them in the ice water for 5 minutes to cut the cooking and stop them from continuing to cook with their own heat.
  8. After those 5 minutes, take out the prawns again with the slotted spoon and put them on a plate with kitchen paper to dry a little.
  9. While you can cook another batch of prawns but remember to prepare another bowl with cold water, salt and ice so as not to mix them with the ones you had taken out before and so that they all rest for those 5 minutes they need. Of course, for successive batches and when a cold bowl has been left empty, you can reuse it with the water and salt and simply add more ice before putting the next batch to cool.

Time: 15 minutes for the first 12 shrimp and an additional 3 minutes for each dozen (in addition to defrosting time)

difficulty: easy

Serve and taste:

cooked prawns they are delicious freshly made and still warm but also It is true that they stay great for a few hours and some people prefer them coldwhich is ideal if we want to leave them done in advance. Of course, to reserve them for a few hours or even the day before, put them in a container in the fridge and cover with a cloth moistened with salt water (you can moisten it in the bowl of ice when you have finished preparing all the prawns). Then remember to take them out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before consuming them so they are not too cold.

And now comes the best part, delight in how easy they are to peel and enjoy their smooth flavor and juicy texture and, if you like it, add a few drops of lemon juice, I love how it enhances the flavor. Whether you serve them as an appetizer or if you have cooked them to use them in a recipe they are authentic… scandal!

Variations of the recipe for how to cook prawns just right, fresh or frozen:

As it is a cooking technique, each master has his booklet but I can’t think of any variation to add since with this system the prawns always turn out delicious and then they are peeled in a very simple way.


Prawns there are many types and also sizes so the ideal is to be guided by the step by step of the recipe and then add your experience. In my case I have used medium size white shrimp so if you use larger prawns you can give them up to 1 and a half or even 2 minutes of cooking, but no more, and if they are smaller they will be close to a minute of cooking. Ideally, you should prepare this recipe with your favorite prawns and for subsequent times adjust the times as you have noticed when eating them. Of course, it is always better not to overcook because if for whatever reason they have been too raw we can put them in boiling water again but if they go too far and the meat remains somewhat dry and stuck to the shell we will not be able to do anything to solve it .

Don’t be tempted to cook more than a dozen at a time but If you are in a hurry To cook them you can have a couple of pots prepared on two different fires and thus cook them twice as fast.

Use a good amount of ice to make sure that the water is very cold and thus cut the cooking quickly.

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