Pisco sour : The famous Peruvian cocktail

There are great combinations that give rise to the most famous cocktails and consumed and special mention deserve the sour cocktails. These are cocktails made up of a liqueur, lemon or lime juice and a sweetener that is generally sugar syrup, grenadine, triple sec or similar, and this is one of them.

Learn the pisco sour recipe, the famous peruvian cocktail whose base is pisco, a liquor similar to Spanish pomace but with other nuances. The rest of the ingredients add bitter, acid and sweet touches and together they combine phenomenally.

One of the essential ingredients is sugar syrup and in the recipe you will see how to prepare it at home in several ways, all of them very simple. Something that draws a lot of attention is the use of the egg whitebasically adds a foam to the cocktail that is phenomenal and the climax is a few drops of angosturaan aromatic alcohol with a very curious bitter touch.

If you like this cocktail you have to prepare the Caipiriha or Brazilian Caipirinhathe caipiroska, the brazilian cocktail with vodkathe margarita cocktail or the daiquiri or daikiri, a cuban cocktailbeing all three of the family of sour cocktails.

In addition, you will also like other combinations that have lime like the famous mojito with its recipe and ingredientsthe Mai Tai, an exotic cocktail with rumthe traditional Cubalibrethe Mexican michelada with beer or the Moscow Mule cocktail, refreshing and delicious.

Ingredients to prepare pisco sour, the famous Peruvian cocktail (quantity for 2 cocktails):

  • 3 ounces (90 ml) of pisco.
  • Lemon, enough to obtain 2 ounces (60 ml) of lemon juice.
  • 1 ounce (30 ml) of sugar syrup or simple syrup. You can buy it already made or prepare it at home, very easy, with white sugar and water, in the recipe I explain how to do it.
  • 1/2 egg white.
  • Ice cubes.
  • A few drops of Angostura.

*Each ounce (oz) is 28 ml and when using a cocktail shaker that is the amount in one unit.

Preparation, how to make the pisco sour recipe, the famous Peruvian cocktail:

  1. cut a lemon in half, squeeze its juice until you get 60 ml and strain it so that it does not have seeds or lumps.
  2. The most commonly used glasses are low bell-shaped glasses.
  3. In a shaker put 2 or 3 ice cubes.
  4. Casca the eggseparate the clear of the bud and stay with the clear. You can use the yolk for any recipe or simply to add it to an omelette, for example. To separate the white and the yolk, the simplest thing is to crack the egg more or less in half and let only the white fall little by little.
  5. Have the ready sugar syrup. If you have to prepare it a little further down I will tell you how to do it.
  6. Add to the cocktail shaker piscothe sugar syrupthe juice of lemon and the clear of egg
  7. Close the shaker and shake it for half a minute, getting the clear lather on top.
  8. pour the Pisco Sour in the glasses without the ice falling, for this in the shaker you will only have to remove the cap and thus let the liquids pass through the strainer area. Pour the content in two stages, that is, fill the glasses up to a little more than half, wait a few seconds and finish pouring all the liquid.
  9. Sprinkle a few drops of angosturaif you want it to be decorative, throw them forming a triangle or in a line for example and you have them ready.
  10. Sugar syrup: you can buy it already made but to make it at home simply mix the same amount of White sugar Y Water, put it in a saucepan and over low heat, wait until the sugar has dissolved, let it cool and you have it ready. You can also mix the same amount of powdered sugar what of Watershake and go.

Time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Serve and taste:

From the shaker to the glass and from the glass to the mouth, take freshly made pisco sour taking advantage of the fact that it is cooled thanks to the mixture with the cubes in the shaker and also sparkling due to the egg white.

The touch of angostura is peculiar and it is phenomenal, it has a very curious and aromatic flavor with a touch of bitterness and contrasts very well with the tart and slightly sweet mix lemon and sugar syrup. Enjoy this famous and refreshing Peruvian cocktail that It’s authentic… scandal!

Variants of the pisco sour recipe, the famous Peruvian cocktail:

You can also prepare the pisco sour in a glass blender. Add the pisco, the lemon juice and the sugar syrup (or the sugar and water in equal parts) and beat for a few seconds (5 is enough). Then add the egg white and beat again for another 5-10 seconds and you have it ready. To cool it you can add a cube, move it a little with a spoon so that the mixture cools and leave it there for a couple of minutes before serving but you could also crush it again to have a granita finish of the cocktail, something that I highly recommend. It always ends, yes, with narrow drops.

Do you like this cocktail? then you will love the family of sour cocktails, which are those that are made up of a liquor, lemon or lime juice and some sweetener. Thus, there are sour-type cocktails with almost any type of alcohol such as the gin sour or the whiskey sour and so are the daikiri, the caipirinha or the margarita.


The proportions that I give 3, 2, 1 seem quite balanced to me but you can adapt them to your liking as you prefer. One of the great funs of cocktails is, with the excuse, preparing them several times at home until you find the proportion that we like the most 😉

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