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Pumpkin puree with Thermomix, creamy and rich

If there is something in which the thermomix It shines especially is in getting incredibly creamy textures when grinding ingredients and that is why it is fantastic to prepare creams and vegetable purees with it, as on this occasion.

East pumpkin puree with Thermomix remains creamy and very richis a fantastic recipe to take advantage of the pumpkin season and prepare a delicious dish with it in a very simple way, healthy and full of vegetables.

The flavor is slightly sweet Thanks to the pumpkin and the sauce that is prepared with the rest of the vegetables, it feels great, as well as the touch of the potato that helps make the final texture so creamy.

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Ingredients to make pumpkin puree with Thermomix, creamy and rich (4 people):

  • 500 gr of peeled and seedless pumpkin, in 3-4 cm pieces (in the recipe you will see a trick to peel it very easily). Use a udeal variety for creams and purees (ask at your greengrocers), I have used Peanut or Butternut pumpkin.
  • 150 gr of leeks (usually 2 leeks), only the white part, sliced. You can reserve the green part to prepare a homemade broth.
  • 200 gr of carrots (about 3 carrots) peeled or washed and in pieces.
  • 1 medium potato peeled into pieces of 3-4 cm.
  • 400 gr of water or Vegetables soup that you can prepare at home with our recipe.
  • 30 gr of olive oil.
  • 1 dessert spoon of salt (less amount if you use vegetable broth and it already has salt).
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste.
  • To decorate, a twig of some aromatic herb, for example thyme.

Preparation, how to make pumpkin puree with Thermomix, creamy and rich:

  1. To peel and cut the pumpkin I have a special trick, especially if it is very hard: insert the pumpkin cut in half (if it is a tiny pumpkin) or into several large pieces or slices in the microwave and give it 2 or 3 minutes. See how it is and when you notice it a little less hard, you can peel it and split it without difficulty.
  2. Pour into the Thermomix glass the leeksthe carrots and the oil and chop them for 4 seconds at speed 5.
  3. Now fry for 5 minutes at 120ºC and speed 2 without the beaker.
  4. incorporates the pumpkin and the potatoput the cup and chop 7 seconds at speed 5.
  5. Sauté the vegetables for 10 minutes at 120ºC, speed 2 and without the beaker.
  6. Add the Water or the broth together with Salt and the black pepper ground. Ideally, the liquid should almost cover the vegetables so I normally add about 400g of liquid.
  7. cook the pumpkin puree for 20 minutes at 100ºC and speed 2.
  8. Shred the mashed potatoes for 1 minute at progressive speed 5-10.
  9. Check its texture because if you need it to be more liquid you can add a little more water or broth and cook it for 2 more minutes at 100ºC and speed 1.
  10. Test it in case you need to rectify it Salt.

Time: 50 minutes

difficulty: easy

Serve and taste:

Prepare this pumpkin puree and eat it at the moment, freshly made and hot but it can also be consumed warm or even cold. You can save it up 2-3 days in the fridge and also freeze it since the amount of potato is not much and it does not affect the texture of the mash after freezing.

It’s a ideal first course but it can also be a perfect light dinnerOh, in that case, to serve it as a single dish, you can complete it a bit (at the same time you decorate it) with bits of toasted bread, some Serrano ham tacos, a bit of yogurt or feta cheese or something else, for example. Enjoy a puree with a slightly sweet and super creamy touch thanks to the fantastic texture that is achieved with the Thermomix, it is authentic… scandal!

Variations of the pumpkin puree recipe with Thermomix, creamy and rich:

When preparing this puree with a homemade vegetable broth or homemade chicken broth it is even tastier than with water so go ahead and prepare it each time with a different liquid.

You can substitute the carrots for more pumpkin or use onion instead of leek for example. I also recommend flavoring it to your liking by adding a bit of sweet paprika, cumin or even curry powdered, it feels great.


The border between a cream and a puree It is very small although it is usually in the texture, being the puree thicker than the cream. With this recipe you can play as much as you want with the texture, if you prefer it as a base you can add less liquid (for example only 300 gr) and at the end when grinding decide whether to add more or not.

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