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Veal osso buco Milanese with gremolata and yellow risotto

This recipe for Veal osso buco Milanese with gremolata and yellow risotto Milanese it looks spectacular. It is a very complete and tasty Italian dish that is prepared in a simple way both in a pressure cooker and in a traditional pot. The osso buco is sliced ​​veal leg and if you follow the step by step you will see how tender it is, how good the gremolata tastes (it is a kind of green sauce with parsley) and how delicious the risotto a la milanese with saffron.

Ingredients to prepare veal osso buco Milanese with gremolata and yellow risotto (serves 4):

  • 4 osso buco fillets. It is veal leg (also called veal shank) so there will be steaks of very different sizes but always with a large bone inside. Ideally, they should be thick, between 2 and 3 cm thick.
  • 1 large or 2 small onion
  • 200 ml of white wine.
  • Beef or chicken broth, enough to cover the meat in the pot.
  • 2 cloves of garlic.
  • 1 lemon.
  • A few branches of fresh parsley.
  • Olive oil, butter, freshly ground black pepper and salt.

Preparation, how to make the recipe for veal osso buco Milanese with gremolata and yellow risotto:

  1. Peel the onioncut it in half and then into thin slices.
  2. We are going to prepare the recipe with our pressure cooker, but if you don’t have one, follow all the steps exactly the same, except that at the end of cooking we will tell you how to make it with a normal pot.
  3. In the pot that you are going to use, add a little oil and put it on medium-high heat. When the oil is hot add the onion along with a bit of Salt and cook it 5 minutes or until it is browned but not quite tender.
  4. When it has reached that point, add half of the White wine (100 ml) and wait 2-3 minutes until the alcohol evaporates.
  5. Lower the heat so that it is soft and continue cooking the onion 10 more minutes so that, now yes, we can make it tender.
  6. Give 3 cuts to each osso buco on the outside, not very deep, simply so that they do not curve when we cook them. throw them out Salt Y Pepper on both sides.
  7. When the onion is ready remove it to a separate plate.
  8. Put the pot back on the heat at medium heat with a little Butter and when it has melted place the fillets of osso buco on top to brown them. If you prepare many at the same time, do it in several batches since the fillets must be fully in contact with the base of the pot so that they brown well.
  9. They will take about 3 or 4 minutes for each side, so when you see that they are on one side, turn them over.
  10. When you have all the golden osso bucos put them in the pot, turn up the heat so that it is high, add the rest of the White wine (100 ml) and again wait 2-3 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate.
  11. Throw in the pot onion and also broth until it practically covers the meat. If you add broth with salt, do not add more, it will be at the end when we will have to taste the sauce and decide if it needs more salt or not.
  12. Now it’s time to cook of the recipe. You have two options, slow and fast (and for the record that both are equally delicious, there is no difference in terms of flavor and final result):
    1. If you use a regular potkeep the heat at high temperature until the broth begins to boil and at that moment reduce the heat to a minimum, cover the pot but not completely and let it cook between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours or until the meat is done. tender.
    2. If you use a pressure cooker Like us, close it and put the heat on high. When the valve is raised or the two pressure rings are visible, reduce the heat and let it cook for 15 minutes. The temperature of the fire should allow the pressure not to drop but neither to rise during that time. When the time is up, remove the pot from the heat and let the steam escape little by little until it runs out of pressure with the spout or valve fully lowered and you can open it.
  13. Meanwhile you can prepare the gremolata. A trick so that the garlic does not repeat itself, it is necessary to introduce the garlic cloves with their skin and everything for between 5 and 10 seconds in the microwave depending on whether they are small or rather large.
  14. Itches the teeth of Garlic finite, do the same with the leaves of parsley and grate the skin lemon as fine as possible. Mix them in a container and you already have the gremolata ready.
  15. When you have the ossobucos ready, open the pot, add the gremolata above and mix a little. Taste the sauce to see if it needs to be added Salt.
  16. Now is the time to get with him. Risotto. Follow our recipe Milanese risotto with saffron and it will look great on you.
  17. When the Milanese risotto is almost ready, return the pot of meat to medium heat to serve it very hot.

Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes with a fast cooker and 3 hours with a normal cooker

difficulty: easy

Serve and taste:

Serve the ossobucos very hot on the plates of the diners together with a little sauce and as a garnish the delicious risotto alla milanese. If you have any left over, you can keep both the ossobucos and the risotto separately in the fridge up to 2-3 days and you can too to freeze the meat with its sauce (the risotto better than not because the rice does not hold well freezing). If you only have sauce left over, you can always freeze it and use it to give some meat a point of flavor, for example if you prepare it on the grill later on the plate you can add this hot sauce.

It is a most elegant, traditional and tasty dishwith a meat that melts in your mouth accompanied by a delicious sauce that feels great and as a garnish this Risotto with your private and exquisite saffron flavor. It’s definitely a recipe. of authentic… scandal!

Variations of the recipe for osso buco Milanese with gremolata and yellow risotto Milanese:

The Milanese risotto is a traditional recipe and as such it has few variations, beyond the liquid used and that greatly marks the flavor of the final result. Can be broth or water, and the ideal broth is chicken or vegetables. Personally, if you have homemade broth it is the best you can use, but if not, I would opt for water so as not to add too artificial flavors to the recipe. If you want to prepare a homemade broth I encourage you to make our recipe for Homemade Chicken Broth.

There are other versions of osso buco a la milanesa They are prepared in the same way but instead of just onion they also add tomato, carrots and even celery and it is also very tasty.


It is important that you brown the ossobucos well on both sides and if necessary do it in several batches as this enhances the flavor of the sauce and the meat.

Is a perfect recipe to leave it made in advance, either hours or even from the day before, since to bring it to the table you just have to put the pot back on medium heat for about 5 minutes just before serving it. What I do recommend is to prepare the risotto at the moment.a

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